21-Point Heating Maintenance Inspections for Rockland County, NY and Surrounding Areas

21-Point-Heating-Maintenance-Inspections-Rockland-County-NY-Surrounding-AreasIf you’d like to ensure that your heating system is running at its effective, efficient best, then you’ll want to make sure you provide it with the proper maintenance tune-up it needs on an annual basis. Frequently, people don’t understand the importance regular heating system maintenance and tune-ups are to the life of their equipment. That’s why Clarkstown Heating & Air Conditioning provides customers throughout the Rockland County, NY area with a 21-point heating maintenance inspection. This helps your heating system run smoothly and efficiently all winter long, ensuring the safety and comfort of you and your family.

A heating system is an investment in your home and in your comfort level, and like any good investment it should be protected. When you choose a 21-point heating maintenance inspection from Clarkstown Heating & Air Conditioning for your Rockland County, NY home, it will help you avoid emergency repairs on the coldest winter night, or worse yet, an unexpected system replacement. Our NATE and EPA certified technicians are experienced in maintaining the best names in heating equipment, and can help you avoid potential issues with your heating system by catching problems when they’re small and easily remedied.

Why Choose Clarkstown for Heating Maintenance Inspections?

Choose Clarkstown for your Rockland County, NY home’s 21-point heating maintenance inspection.

At Clarkstown Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re proud to say that we’ve been helping the people of Rockland County, NY stay comfortable all winter long since 1976. When you choose our 21-point heating system maintenance inspection for your home, here’s what we’ll do for you:clarkstown areas served

  1. Visually inspect capacitors for leakage and rust
  2. Inspect readily accessible ducts for obvious air leaks
  3. Complete operations sequence check
  4. Inspect air filtration system and replace filter provided by customer
  5. Inspect blower wheel and motor and record AMP draw; lubricate as needed
  6. Inspect unit wiring and electrical disconnect
  7. Check thermostat operation
  8. Inspect gas lines and connections at furnace/boiler for leaks
  9. Inspect burner ignition system and assembly
  10. Vacuum and inspect gas burners
  11. Check and adjust manifold gas pressure
  12. Check temperature rise across heat exchanger for overheating
  13. Inspect gas valve for corrosion, leaks, restriction of gas flow and abnormal noise
  14. Inspect furnace/boiler wiring assembly for loose connections
  15. Inspect flue and venting for obstructions and leaks
  16. Check one electrical circuit to furnace/boiler. Test all electrical/safety circuits/controls for proper operation
  17. Check high limit control
  18. Visually inspect heat exchanger for sooting or corrosion
  19. Ensure Aquastat cycles properly when it reaches set temperature (boiler only)
  20. Record boiler pressure and temperature hot and cold
  21. Inspect zone valves and zone dampers for proper operation
At Clarkstown Heating & Air Conditioning, we want to save you money and energy, and provide you with the best products possible for your Rockland County, NY area home. When you need a 21-Point Heating Maintenance Inspection, Clarkstown Heating & Air Conditioning is ready to help. Simply call us at (845) 620-1000.