October is Indoor Air Quality Month – Breathe Easier with Clarkstown!

Fall has arrived, and with it comes changing leaves, clear, crisp days, pumpkins everywhere you look, and – stuffy noses! As pretty a season as fall is, it’s also a tough one for allergy sufferers. That’s because a lot of plants, like ragweed, are pollinating in the fall, and mold spores from piles of damp leaves are thriving.

When you leave your windows open to let in some fresh air, unfortunately you’re also letting in these mold spores and pollen particles. And once in, they can recirculate through your HVAC system – causing you to suffer both indoors and out.

Breathing is the most basic thing we do, so it makes sense that the way we feel is affected by the quality of the air we breathe. Most people don’t even realize the air in their home or workplace leaves something to be desired. However, your indoor air or ductwork could be tainted with:

  • dirt
  • mold
  • smoke
  • spores
  • bacteria
  • viruses
  • pet dander
  • bugs
  • mites
  • other pollutants/allergens

And, living in Rockland County can come with some added risks – given our proximity to New York City and all the smog and pollutants in the air there, our air could be even less healthy than it would be in other places.

If you spend a lot of time dealing with itchy, watery eyes, dry skin and a sore throat, suffer from headaches or dizziness, smoke cigarettes or have pets – then it’s likely that you have an indoor air problem. It becomes even worse when coupled with health concerns like allergies and asthma. Luckily, the experts at Clarkstown Heating & Air can help. We provide indoor air quality, or IAQ, solutions to help you – often, it’s just a matter of installing the right high-efficiency air filter.

To learn more about how installing a high-efficiency air filter can improve your home’s IAQ, just call Clarkstown Heating & Air at (845) 620-1000. Our experts will be glad to tell you about the many ways you can breathe easier this fall allergy season.

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