Staying Safe When Outdoor Air Quality Is Poor

By Clarkstown Heating & Air Conditioning / June 7, 2023

With the recent wildfires in Canada and the subsequent effect they’re having on our local environment, you may be wondering what you can do to stay safe when the outdoor air quality is poor. It isn’t as simple as staying indoors until the poor air quality warnings expire, because that outdoor air can find its…

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What Heating System is Best for a New Home?

By Clarkstown Heating and Cooling / December 31, 2018

Building a new home is an exciting, albeit it stressful, endeavor. There is a seemingly endless list of decisions to be made, from selecting a lot and exterior design and finishes to interior touches such as flooring, cabinets and counters. Along the way you will likely be bombarded with a number of experts offering you…

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What Heating System is Most Efficient?

By Clarkstown Heating and Cooling / December 20, 2018

Nowadays, people have many options when it comes to heating their homes. In the past, people could generally choose from either furnace or boiler heat. Today, people have choices like ductless heating and heat pump heating. While updating your home’s heating system can seem like a costly venture, there is one large advantage. That’s because…

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When to Replace Your Heating System

By Clarkstown Heating and Cooling / November 27, 2018

Winter has thrust itself upon us quicker than usual and it seems as if we’ve had no reprieve in our energy bills. It was almost overnight that we went from cooling to heating our homes and we are now once again confronted with seasonal maintenance of our heating system. This is the time of year…

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Why Get Heating System Maintenance? 5 Reasons You Should.

By Clarkstown Heating and Cooling / October 23, 2018

As the temperatures become cooler, thoughts turn to getting your home ready for the winter ahead. You might think about making sure doors and windows are properly sealed. If you have a fireplace, you probably want to get your chimney inspected and cleaned. But have you given any thought to getting your furnace, boiler or…

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Is the Air in Your Home Healthy?

By Clarkstown Heating and Cooling / February 19, 2018

Many people today are concerned about the indoor air they breathe, and with good reason. Problems with the air inside homes can cause a whole host of illnesses and concerns for homeowners. What should you look for if you’re worried about the air in your home? According to the American Lung Association, there are a…

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Who Cares About Seasonal Heating Tune Ups, Anyway?

By Clarkstown Heating and Cooling / September 11, 2017

Even though it’s technically still summer, pumpkin spice season is already upon us. That means, before you know it you’ll want to kick on your heating system to take the chill off. Too often, people turn their system on for the first time, only to be met with heartache. They discover that their system either isn’t…

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New City AC Services from Clarkstown Heating & Air

By Clarkstown Heating and Cooling / August 30, 2017

If you live in New City, you may be wondering who to call for AC services. You want an air conditioning contractor who provides comprehensive services. You need to count on someone to be there should a repair concern arise, or when you need maintenance. And, you want a contractor who will provide you with…

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How to Use Your Air Conditioning More Efficiently

By Clarkstown Heating and Cooling / July 31, 2017

Everyone loves the cool comfort of air conditioning for their homes. However, most of us don’t like the costs associated with it. You can expect that your energy bills will go up some when you use your AC. But, if they seem to be going through the roof, you may not be using your air…

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Ductless AC Helps Keep All Your Spaces Cool; Save Energy

By Clarkstown Heating and Cooling / June 29, 2017

The primary source of heat in older homes often comes from a boiler system. As a result, these homes are less likely to be fitted with ductwork. As such, installing central air conditioning is not much of an option. Installing ductwork for central AC requires major renovation. Or, homeowners can choose window AC units. However, they’re often noisy,…

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