Don’t Lose Power – Install a Generac® Generator from Clarkstown Heating & Air!

The weather in Rockland County can be unpredictable, which can lead to power outages that you might not be prepared for. Power outages are not only inconvenient, but they can also be costly. If the outage is extended, you may have to temporarily stay at a hotel, and food spoilage will likely be an issue. For those with medical concerns that necessitate home oxygen or other treatments that require electricity, a power outage can be outright dangerous.

That’s why Clarkstown Heating & Air is happy to offer Generac generators to our customers. Generac is one of the most trusted names in residential standby power. These generators have been made with the consumer in mind, and provide reliable power as soon as your power goes out.

The Guardian series, offered by Clarkstown Heating & Air, is Generac’s most popular standby generator. Four out of five families who own a residential generator own the Guardian. Your home will be protected 24/7 with the Guardian, which is available in whole-home or essential circuit coverage, utility grade power, and Mobile Link™, so you can monitor your standby generator via web, email or text.

When you choose to install a Generac Guardian series generator, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • Automatic, hands-free backup power supply
  • Start-up within 10 seconds of determining power loss
  • Powered by Generac’s OHVI engine, which has been designed specifically for generators
  • Best value on the market
  • TruePower Technology, which provides clean, smooth operation of sensitive electronics and appliances
  • Quiet-Test mode for a weekly self-test that’s quieter than other brands

As you can see, there are so many options available when choosing a high-quality Generac generator, so why not call Clarkstown Heating & Air to discuss the right generator for your home and family? Just call us at (845) 620-1000, and we can help you find the perfect Generac generator for your Rockland County home.

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