No Ductwork? Choose Ductless Air Conditioning for Your Rockland, NY Home

Do you have an area of your Rockland, NY home that you wish could be cooler during the summer months, but where ductwork installation would be either impractical or impossible? Sometimes, adding ductwork to an area of your home isn’t feasible, but at the same time, not being able to enjoy an area of your home is not exactly practical either. Fortunately, you have a choice when it comes to cooling these spaces – ductless AC.

Ductless air conditioning has been around for quite awhile but recently has gained in popularity because it is a flexible, efficient alternative to traditional air conditioning systems. According to the Department of Energy (DOE), ductless systems are “highly efficient, work in all climate zones, and can be an affordable alternative to installing a ducted system.” With ductless, construction is minimal, so installation is simpler and less obtrusive.

The DOE says that the main advantages to installing ductless air conditioning in your Rockland, NY home is that they are small and flexible, easier to install, energy efficient, and provide more flexibility when it comes to interior design options than other add-on systems. If you have an addition, a sunroom, a finished basement or any other area of your home that could benefit from cooling, here’s why ductless is a great option:

  • Size and Flexibility: It is very easy to cool individual rooms or zones with a ductless air conditioning system. Many people opt to install as many as four air handling units, making for precision cooling in different zones of your home. Each unit has its own thermostat, so you can easily control the climate from one room of your home to another, saving energy and money on your utility bills.
  • Easier to Install: Oftentimes, ductless air conditioning is easier to install than other space conditioning systems. The hookup between the indoor and outdoor unit requires only a three-inch hole in the wall for the conduit. Because no ductwork needs to be installed, there is no large construction on your Rockland, NY home – meaning you’ll enjoy cool comfort with minimal disruption and construction hassles.
  • Interior Design Flexibility: There are more choices when it comes to adding a ductless system than other add-on systems. Ductless can be suspended from a ceiling, mounted flush in a drop ceiling, or wall-hung. They are easy to operate with a remote control. Unlike window mounted room air conditioning systems, ductless are safer because they don’t provide easy access for intruders.

Any living space without ductwork in your Rockland, NY home is likely a good place for a ductless system. A few areas where ductless AC might be ideal include converted attics, new additions, finished basements, sunrooms, and older homes with ductless heat like radiators or baseboard heating. When you call Clarkstown Heating & Air Conditioning, we’ll provide you with expert installation, installing your ductless unit in just a few hours – no patching, painting or ductwork required!

Think ductless AC might be the perfect option for your Rockland, NY home? Then give us a call today at (845) 620-1000. We’ll tell you about the different options for ductless cooling and help you find the right solution.

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