Why Get Heating System Maintenance? 5 Reasons You Should.

As the temperatures become cooler, thoughts turn to getting your home ready for the winter ahead. You might think about making sure doors and windows are properly sealed. If you have a fireplace, you probably want to get your chimney inspected and cleaned. But have you given any thought to getting your furnace, boiler or heat pump maintained? You should! Like any other mechanical equipment, the heating system in your home needs maintenance to run its best. Systems that are maintained on an annual basis operate better than their neglected counterparts. That helps you and your family stay more comfortable – and save money on energy bills.

Here are five reasons why you should get heating maintenance from Clarkstown:

  • Efficiency: A properly maintained heating system is a more efficient system. That’s because when your system is dirty, it has to work harder. And the harder it works, the less efficient it becomes. And that can cost you extra money when it comes time to pay the utility bill.
  • Better Comfort: Of course, if your heating system is running at its best, it goes without saying that it’ll keep your home more comfortable. Heating system maintenance helps keep the air flowing properly, and takes care of any parts that aren’t working effectively.
  • Improved Air Quality: If your heating system is blowing air through a dirty filter, then dust and debris are making their way into the air you breathe. Changing the filter, a part of your maintenance, keeps your air free of contaminants like mold, mildew and pollen.
  • Longer Equipment Life: Maintenance allows your system to operate better. Parts are cleaned and lubricated, keeping them free of the build-up and dirt that can impede your system and cause failure. And, small repairs are made before they become larger, more costly ones.
  • Safer Equipment: Your technician will inspect the parts of your system that can become unsafe if not properly maintained, like the heat exchanger, burner combustion and gas connections. If not in good working order, these parts can produce excessive carbon monoxide.

Clarkstown has what it takes to help you get the heating system maintenance you need.

When you choose Clarkstown Heating & Air Conditioning for your heating system maintenance, you’ll be working with a company that’s been serving people since 1976. We take pride in offering you the best heating maintenance available. That’s because our technicians are NATE and EPA certified – they have the right qualifications to ensure your maintenance is done right. And, when you choose a heating maintenance agreement with us, you’ll get even more benefits, like:

  • No diagnostic fees! Even after hours and on weekends and holidays.
  • Discounted repairs. Receive a 10% discount on any repair, 24/7.
  • Priority service. All customers with service agreements are placed at the top of our list. This means same day service during our busiest times of the year.

Ready to make sure your furnace, boiler or heat pump is running at its most effective, most efficient best this winter? Let Clarkstown help you get the heating system maintenance you need for your home. Call us at (845) 620-1000, or click here to schedule service, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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